• What is an implantable loop recorder?

    If symptoms are very infrequent, Prof Ruparelia may suggest implantation of a loop recorder. This is a small heart rhythm monitor (smaller than a USB stick) that is implanted under the skin and can record the heart rhythm for up to 3 years.

  • What is involved?

    Prof Ruparelia will arrange a time to attend for loop recorder implantation.

    The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. Following infiltration of the skin with local anaesthetic (this can sting a little but the area then is numb), a small implantable recorder is advanced under the skin. The small skin incision site is closed with a dressing.

    Very rare risks (<0.1%) include pain, bleeding and infection.

    You will be able to go home within an hour of the procedure. Try and keep the wound site dry for the first 48 hours to reduce the risk of complication.

  • When do I get my results?

    The implantable loop recorder can record the electrical activity of the heart for up to 3 years.

    After the initial implantation, an initial appointment will be made to download the initial recordings. Following this interval appointments will be made to download the data however if symptoms occur prior to this please contact Prof Ruparelia who can arrange a download and formulae a management plan as required.

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