• What is a memo recorder?

    A cardiac memo or cardiac event recorder is a small hand held device that records the electrical activity of your heart when activated.

    If symptoms are less frequent, Prof Ruparelia may suggest a cardiac memo investigation to try and identify if your symptoms are attributable to abnormal cardiac rhythm.

  • How should I prepare?

    You do not require to do anything specific to prepare for the test that is painless and non-invasive.

    You will be provided with the recording device for up to a few weeks with clear instructions with regards to how to use it. At time of symptoms you will need to raise the device to your chest and press the button to activate and therefore record the rhythm of your heart.

  • When do I get my results?

    Once you hand the recorder back, the device requires analysis to determine if there is an abnormality.

    Prof Ruparelia shall organise and a follow up appointment shortly after this to discuss the results of the Holter monitor and formulate an ongoing management plan.

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