• How should I prepare for a stress CMR?

    You will be asked to avoid caffeine for 48 hours prior to the test to ensure adequate stress. Please wear comfortable clothing.

    Most people are suited to MRI, although there are some restrictions due to the strength of the magnet (e.g. with some implants). Prof Ruparelia shall discuss this prior to suggesting this investigation. The supervising radiographer / consultant will go through a final safety checklist before proceeding to the test.

  • What is involved?

    Stress CMR involves the administration of contrast (Gadolinium) and adenosine (to stress the heart) to measure heart function both at rest and also under stress to determine adequacy of blood flow to the heart.

    The test will take approximately 45 minutes and you will be asked to following instruction with regards to breathing to ensure that optimal images are obtained.

  • Are there any risks?

    The test is very safe. There is a very small risk (<0.1%) of an adverse reaction to either the contrast (Gadolinium) or the adenosine administered to induce stress. These can be simply managed at the time in the rare event of occurrence.

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