High Cholesterol

  • High Cholesterol

    Suffering from high cholesterol or hypercholesterolaemia is increasingly common with age. Whilst it is most commonly asymptomatic, it is a risk factor for developing vascular disease (heart attack, stroke).

    Rarely this can be causes by another concomittent pathology and if indicated, you will be investigated for these.

    In some instances it can be famiilial and in these instances, agressive management of high cholesterol is critical to optimal outcomes.

  • Investigations

    Blood tests are required to confirm the diagnosis.

    Levels of total cholesterol, LDL ("bad cholesterol") and triglycerides determine ongoing management.

  • Treatments

    If indicated, the treatment of high cholesterol include a combination of:

    • Lifestyle changes
    • Statin therapy
    • Additive oral medications
    • PSK9 inhibitors (if targets are not reached with the above measures)

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