Blood Pressure

  • What are common causes of high blood pressure?

    The most common cause of high blood pressure is essential hypertension - i.e. age related wth no underlying causes.

    In younger individuals (under the age of 40) there can be other causes including structural abnormalities or hormonal disturbances.

  • Symptoms

    Often high blood pressure is asymptomatic and picked up during a routine check up. Even if asymptomatic, persisent untreated hypertension is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease and so optimal management is important.

    On occasion very high blood pressures can be associated with headached, blurred vision and other acute conditions. This is a medical emergency and immediate medical attention should be sought.

  • Low Blood Pressure

    On occasion, individuals may present with symptoms of dizziness especially related to posture and this may be related to low blood pressure. If particularly bad this can be the cause of blackouts.

    Treatment is aimed at lifestyle interventions and on occasion medical therapy.

  • Investigations

    Professor Ruparelia may suggest some investigations to confirm the diagnosis and aid in ongoing management including ECG, blood tests, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and an echocardiography.

    If a secondary cause of blood pressure is suspected, you may require further blood tests and urine tests.

  • Treatment of High Blood Pressure

    The initial management of high blood pressure is life style intervention specifically a low salt diet, regular aerobic exercise and weight management (if applicable).

    If the above measures are not successful then Professor Ruparelia may suggest medical therapy to facilitate the optimal management of blood pressure.

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