• Causes of stroke

    The most common causes of stroke are cerebrovascular disease (due to narrowing of blood vessel due to risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes mellitus) or due to a bleed.

    On occasion, stroke can be caused by embolus of a thrombus either from the heart or from the systemic venous circulation (paradoxical embolus). If there is concern that this may have been the cause by your stroke physician you may be referred to a cardiologist for further investigation.

    Cardiac causes of stroke include:

    • Atrial arrhythmia
    • Impaired heart function
    • Patent foramen Ovale
  • Investigations

    Cardiac causes of stroke are usually investigated with:

  • Treatments

    Depending on the cause, treatment may include optimisation of medical therapy (e.g. anticoagulation) or interventional procedures (e.g. PFO closure).

    Prof Ruparelia will explain the results of all relevant investigations and formulate a management plan with you.

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